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How much does the capsule hotel invest?

The "capsule hotel" is a transliteration of "capsule hotel". Because it looks like the capsule of a spaceship, people call it the capsule hotel.

Capsule hotel has a huge market in China. With the change of urbanization, China's urbanization rate has reached 56.1%, with a permanent resident population of 770 million. With the economic growth, the urban trend is also growing. In addition to the rise of China's real estate, the high housing price has stopped the low middle class from moving forward. Compared with the traditional hotels, the traditional hotels also cost 200 yuan or 300 yuan to stay. Compared with traditional hotels, traditional hotels are expensive, unattractive to economic guests, high operating costs, and high pricing, The space capsule hotel is very attractive to customers for economical occupancy at only 50-80 yuan. And because of its low operating costs, it can improve the hotel's living environment. More people will naturally choose the capsule hotel.

Space hotel is usually divided into two parts: public area and sleeping area. Public areas include leisure area, bath area, locker, cinema, mini internet cafe, fitness area, reading room, laundry area, etc. The sleeping area is a place for sleeping beds. Guests change shoes in the luggage area and then go to sleep in the sleeping cabin. There are TV, wifi, games, air conditioners, earplugs and other entertainment facilities in the sleeping cabin. The sleeping area uses the space as reasonably as possible, which not only saves the space used by individuals, but also reduces the operating cost of the hotel and the occupancy price. This is undoubtedly a very scientific, reasonable and effective hotel operation mode.

How much does the capsule hotel invest? What is the rate of return on investment? Compared with traditional hotels, the number of people in the space capsule hotel is 8 times more than that in the traditional hotel with the same indoor area. One in a fast hotel and eight in a space capsule hotel, which means that the return on investment of two hotels with two different areas will be several times higher if they are built into a space capsule. The cost recovery cycle of space capsule hotels is generally 1-2 years, while that of express hotels is generally 5 years. The investment amount is determined according to the actual area of the franchise store and the housing price in the city.