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Hohhot Airport space capsule hotel

Hohhot Baita International Airport is located in Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. The "White Tower" in the name of the airport is named after the historic site of the Wanhua Huayan Jingta.

Hohhot Baita Airport is located 14.3 kilometers east of Hohhot City. It was completed on October 1, 1958. On December 1, 1991, the State Council approved Baita Airport as an air port airport. It was officially opened on March 31, 1992.

 In recent years, the economy and society of Hohhot have continued to develop rapidly, and the traffic volume of Baita Airport has increased rapidly. In May 2012, the Hohhot City Party and Government Joint Conference studied the relocation of Hohhot Baita Airport. The new airport was officially named Hohhot Shengle International Airport.


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